What Your Bar Drink Order Tells Her

Whether you just met her at the bar or you’re taking her out for a date your drink order tells a woman a lot about you. If you’re working hard to create a specific impression you should be aware of what these drinks tell a lady. She’s still making up her mind about whether or not to go home with you, so don’t push her the wrong way. Beer If you buy a local micro brewed beer you’ll look like either a hipster or a guy interested in local business. This all falls to the way that you spin it. For the best impression order with a smile and tell her that you really like seeing a local brewery making great products. You’re all in favor of there being more good beer in the world. Drag this out, however, and you’ll sound snooty and rude. If you’re just buying your general draft beer you probably look boring. It’s a sad but true commentary. Unless she ordered the same beer you did, you’re not standing out to her. You’re just another guy who likes beer. Wine Sharing a bottle of red wine with a woman makes you look like a sophisticated romantic. Women love when a man knows things about wine.…

What to Do if You Hate Her Pets

Not everyone is a pet loving person, which can be a problem if you’re dating a woman who loves her pets as though they’re her children. It’s a dilemma that tons of guys who are less than enthusiastic about animals face on a daily basis. Obviously she’s going to want a guy who’s just as charmed by her pets or is at least able to tolerate them. If you’re genuinely interested in her as a long-term relationship prospect but you despise her pets, don’t despair. There are ways to adjust to the furry little critter dilemma. Date Out If the thought of returning to her place where everything is covered with fur and reeks like litter box, there’s a simple solution. Simply make a point of ensuring all your dates happen somewhere other than at her place. Go out for dinner. Go see movies every other week. Hit the club for some drinking and dancing. Go back to your place for an intimate night of wine, TV, and sex. No matter the scenario, it spares you from having to endure a night at her apartment where her way-too-friendly cat happily sheds all over your lap. Fake an Allergy Is it underhanded? Yes. Is it less than honest? Also yes. But…

Unique Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

The right gift can really make a difference when it comes to your next hookup, but it’s all a matter of not gifting the same thing over and over again. This is why we highly recommend you take the time to find unique gifts that will really wow her, and with the right tips, that’s pretty easy to do. We know a lot of guys get intimidated when it comes to gifting their women something nice, but that doesn’t need to be the case. It’s just a matter of knowing what to give her that isn’t going to be too expensive, but still shows that you give a damn when it comes to meeting up with her. Unique Jewelry We know that a lot of guys give jewelry as gifts, and that jewelry can also be a little bit expensive. That being said, this is the kind of thing you need to develop an eye for. If you shop around, you’ll be able to find unique, indie jewelry that’s just one of a kind. Check out different stores online, especially sites like Etsy. They are full of hand crafters that make a lot of inexpensive jewelry that will really wow your lady, and it’s all one of a kind, hand-made…

Knowing When She Wants You to Kiss Her

When you start going out on dates and meeting women regularly, you will probably start wondering what you can do at the end of a first date. Women who will sleep with you after the first date are somewhat rare, so you shouldn’t get your hopes up for that right away, but women often want to kiss you on the first date and you might not have even known it. Knowing the signs that a woman gives when she wants to be kissed and being able to recognize them will make the first date awkwardness much easier on you, and it will allow you to advance your relationship much more easily. Test Her With Touch One easy way to tell if a woman is ready to be kissed is how she responds to your casual touches. Try brushing your fingers across her arm or hand frequently and see how she reacts to being touched by you. If she seems to lean closer to you and smile when you touch her, you should be good to go to lean in for a kiss. If she doesn’t seem to notice, you may want to hold off on the kissing for a little while until you can get her attention in a more…

How to React When She Wants to Try Something Weird

Usually when you start hooking up with women, you will feel like you’re the one who always wants to try something weird and the women you’re hooking up with will view it with disdain or disgust. However, you might run into the uncommon situation where it is the woman who comes up with something that you would normally be grossed out or at least extremely weirded out by. It can be difficult to know how to react in this kind of situation, so if you plan on continuing the relationship or fling at all, you need to think of how to react. Don’t Express Disgust The most important thing to do if you want to have any chance of keeping the relationship going is that you should never immediately express disgust with her fantasy or request. Nothing will hurt her feelings more, and nothing will make any possibility for a future relationship sink more quickly than acting disgusted. Even if what she suggested was disturbing to you, you should bite back your kneejerk reaction of being grossed out and try to hold onto it so you don’t let it slip. You can express confusion and maybe uncertainty if you want, but try not to make a face or tell her…


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