What to Do if You Hate Her Pets

Not everyone is a pet loving person, which can be a problem if you’re dating a woman who loves her pets as though they’re her children. It’s a dilemma that tons of guys who are less than enthusiastic about animals face on a daily basis. Obviously she’s going to want a guy who’s just as charmed by her pets or is at least able to tolerate them. If you’re genuinely interested in her as a long-term relationship prospect but you despise her pets, don’t despair. There are ways to adjust to the furry little critter dilemma. Date Out If the thought of returning to her place where everything is covered with fur and reeks like litter box, there’s a simple solution. Simply make a point of ensuring all your dates happen somewhere other than at her place. Go out for dinner. Go see movies every other week. Hit the club for some drinking and dancing. Go back to your place for an intimate night of wine, TV, and sex. No matter the scenario, it spares you from having to endure a night at her apartment where her way-too-friendly cat happily sheds all over your lap. Fake an Allergy Is it underhanded? Yes. Is it less than honest? Also yes. But…

Nicknames that Annoy Her

Whether you’re already dating her or you’re trying to grab her interest in the club, calling a woman by an annoying nickname can completely ruin your chances of getting her to be interested in you. You may think certain nicknames are cute or compliments to women, but many times they have the opposite effect. Before you call a woman by anything other than her name, make sure what you’re saying won’t be insulting to her. Stop Calling Her Ma or Mami Unless it’s a part of your culture, you should not be using Spanish words slang to pick up women, especially if the women you’re trying to pick up aren’t Spanish or of Spanish origin. Women do not enjoy being called ‘ma’ or ‘mami’ if it is not a part of their culture. In fact, there have been numerous times where a few of us have been told, “I’m not your mother,” or “Do I look your mother to you?” Some of them even roll their eyes and keep walking. All of these responses can leave you feeling pretty embarrassed, especially if other people are around to witness it. Ma and Mami are not the only nicknames that you should stop using to grab a woman’s attention. You should also…

Knowing if She Wants to Be Sexted

Sexting can be a great way to get a woman hot and bothered without having to be there in person to touch her or see her. Strangely enough, women seem to be really responsive to mental stimulus like reading or imagining fantasies whereas guys are mostly visual. You can use this to your advantage by sexting her, which can get her worked up while you’re not even nearby. This can be a perfect way to get her ready for a night of sex, but the first issue is making sure that she actually wants to be sexted. There are a few ways to figure this out and you should be careful to make sure she wants it before you give it a shot. Talk Dirty to Her and Gauge Her Reaction If you’ve tried talking dirty to her before, you may not need to bother with this step and you may already know whether or not she would be receptive to sexting. Try talking dirty to your woman in bed and see how she reacts. If she seems into it, you may be able to sext her and get her worked up easily from far away. If she doesn’t seem to particularly enjoy it, it may just be that she…

How to Pick a Rebound Girl

When you’re first hitting the town again after a nasty breakup it can be hard to know what to do. You’re not over your ex, but you’re ready to be under someone else. When done right getting a rebound girl can be the best thing that happens to your confidence. If you do it wrong you can end up prolonging the recovery process. These are the things you should look for in a rebound. Traits from Your Ex This might be counter-intuitive, but you need to find a woman with things in common with your ex. They don’t have to be huge things, just one or two ideas that strongly remind you of her. It can be as simple as the way she styles her hair or as complex as a similar sense of humor. Whatever it is, you have to associate your ex with this new woman strongly enough so that when you end the relationship with her you get the satisfaction of ending your last real relationship the way it should have gone: on your terms. This provides the mental boost that makes a rebound so effective. You can live vicariously and then finally move on from the bad breakup. Branch out from Your Type You shouldn’t date…

Cover Up Your Smoking Habit to Score

She’s gorgeous. She’s into the same things you are. She wants to hook up right now. She hates smokers. What can you do? There’s no reason to write this off as a lost cause. If you want to cover up the fact that you’re a smoker and get the woman you want, follow these short-term solutions to cover up your smoking habit with camo techniques and habits more easy for her to accept. Tell Her Someone Was Smoking near You If you can, tell her that you were at a sports bar before you head over to her place. Sure, not all bars allow smoking inside anymore, but it’s easy to believe that there was a crowd outside that lights up a few. If she already knows that you’ve been chilling at home, tell her that you mixed your clothes in with your roommates, and he smokes. This is a good time to point out that your clothes should be all fresh washed, if possible. That’s a good hookup tip whether you smoke or not. Keep a Pocket Toothbrush Handy If you met her at a club and she wants to head home with you, you can avert disaster by keeping a pocket toothbrush handy. These little things are fully…


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