Two Submissives in One Bed: How to Make it Work

If you’re a submissive that ends up hooking up with a submissive, there’s no need to fret right away. While this might end up being a situation that just doesn’t seem like it will work out, there are definitely ways to still make this a fun, exciting hookup that the two of you will enjoy. Sometimes, these kinds of incompatibilities just don’t end up working out, but if the two of you put your minds together, you’ll end up being able to make this sort of hookup enjoyable, and really be able to have the fun sex that you’ve been imagining all along. Keep Away From BDSM Ideals If both of you are submissives, we highly recommend that you try to keep BDSM ideals out of the bedroom. While it might be habit to try and push your partner into a Dominant role, that’s really not going to work if they’re an honest to god submissive. It’s just going to make them feel uncomfortable–and honestly, just think about how you’d feel if they tried to turn you into a Dominant for their own sake. While you might be able to experiment with the idea of being a switch, we really don’t recommend doing that unless you’re comfortable with it. There…

Taking Her on the Perfect Date: Tailoring a Date to Her Specific Desires

Knowing where to take women on dates can often be difficult enough when you are just trying to pick from a hat of the typical dates you usually go on. When trying to make a perfect date for a specific girl, it can suddenly become much more difficult. There is merit to trying hard to pick out the perfect date for a specific girl. Not only will you make her feel special, but you will also make her remember your date above all others. Most guys probably won’t go through the effort is tailoring a date specifically to a woman’s interests, so you will definitely stick out from the crowd. Know Her Interests The biggest and most obvious aspect of making the perfect date for a specific girl is to know her interests, and know them well. The better you know what a woman likes, the easier it will be for you to decide where to take her on your perfect date. If she likes outdoor activities, center your date around exploring the outdoors. If she likes the party scene, finding and taking her to a cool new club is a great way to excite her. If she seems more of a hipster type, coming up with a wacky and…

Change Things Up: Dating Outside of Your Type

You like what you like when it comes to women, and that’s fine. As long as you’re happy, you can date one blue-eyed, adventurous fitness addict after another and nothing’s wrong with that. If you find yourself getting bored, however, what started as a preference has turned into a rut. If you’re looking to put the spice back in your love life you need to rethink the type of woman you’re seeing. Pick someone you usually wouldn’t and enjoy something different. This will make things easy. Online Dating Makes Type Easy to Assess If you usually date women who have a lot in common with you, don’t worry. It’s very common. You meet these women at the places you go. She likes the same coffee shop, bookstore, or has the same friends that you do. If you want to break this pattern you should change where you meet women. Online dating offers you a lot more options than you’d ever find in real life. It also makes it easy to figure out if a woman is your type or not. Profiles offer a snapshot of a woman’s life. You find her hobbies, interests, and education level right in one place. If she’s good looking but not otherwise your type you…


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